“The Fittest Man in History”

Rich Froning Jr. is many things – a husband, a father, a committed Christian, and a patriot. He also happens to be an iconic figure in one of the world’s fastest growing sports. Rich’s journey in CrossFit started when a training partner suggested they try a workout fom a new website called Rich had always been incredibly talented athletically, but he had never considered ‘fitness’ as a competitive sport. Once he tried a few of the workouts, he was hooked. In the 2010 Reebok CrossFit Games, Rich showed raw talent, incredible endurance, and uncommon strength. His inexperience prevented him from taking the top spot on the podium, but Rich had seen enough to know that he would be back again the next year. Five years and five Reebok CrossFit Games titles later (4 individual and 1 team), Rich has cemented his name in the record books as one of the greatest of all time.

Rich represents a new breed of athlete – an individual who embodies athletic excellence in a variety of physical challenges, combined with a mental determination to excel that cannot be derailed.

Name:Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
Hometown: Michigan, USA.
Year of birth: 1987
Highest world ranking: 1

Rich Froning Jr Career Results:
2015: 1st Place CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup (CrossFit Mayhem Freedom)
2014: 1st Place CrossFit Games
2013: 1st Place CrossFit Games
2012: 1st Place CrossFit Games
2011: 1st Place CrossFit Games
2010: 2nd Place CrossFit Games

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