CrossFit® athlete

Josh is a truly exceptional athlete. Standing a modest 5’5, Josh may seem overshadowed by much larger competitors. However, in a sport where the most balanced athlete is crowned champion, Josh uses his speed and agility to outperform and outlast the majority of his competition. He is also constantly growing stronger and now poses a serious threat in power events. This speaks to us and our mission at Rehband.”/p>

In his first appearance at the Games in 2011, Josh shocked the world with a 2nd place finish, both in the World-Wide Open and in the finals. Unfortunately he was unable to compete in 2012 due to military obligations and a knee injury which required surgery and rehab. Josh was back in 2013 to win the So-Cal Regionals and taking a 4th place at the CrossFit® Games 2014.

Name:Josh Bridges
Hometown: St. Louis, USA.
Josh Bridges Career Results:
- 4th CrossFit Games 2014
- 1st Place in SoCal Regionals 2013
- 7th Place in CrossFit Games 2013


”Rehband is a company that believes in quality and in powering the performance of athletes. I am happy to be working with an organization that strives to improve the health and safety of athletes at all levels.”





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